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International Conference on Family Planning - Kigali, Rwanda

I was honoured to present provisional findings from my family planning in the Sierra Leone Ebola outbreak research at the ICFP in Kigali last week in the "Outbreaks, epidemics and family planning programmes in humanitarian settings" panel. Honestly I was rather nervous about this presentation, as I'd not shared these findings with an external audience before, and putting up the work (that I'd worked on for the last 2 years!) to be judged was rather frightening. However it went very well, I had some great questions from the audience and I was approached afterwards by organizations currently engaging in Sexual and Reproductive Health work in North Kivu (where there is a current outbreak of Ebola) to share my findings and recommendations.

I am happy to share the presentation with anyone who would care to see it, just get in touch! The policy implications slide I attach below, along with a photo of the other session presenters and our panel chair!

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